A multi-stage launch.

Pre-IDO Tokens
List the pre-IDO PIXL tokens. token and garner decentralized liquidity using Atrix’s permissionless double-dip farm being paid in PIXL token emissions.
  • This is complete. We are currently listed on many decentralized exchanges and Atrix is set up.

NFT Launch

Pixel Panthers | Co-Own a Bank in the Metaverse
The NFT was developed by an award-winning team of artists who have gained global recognition for their work as a full-suite design studio.
Pixel Panthers | Co-Own a Bank in the Metaverse will provide holders with the ability to stake on the platform and earn additional PIXL tokens!
Also with the Pixel Panthers NFT collection, holders become DAO members and can vote on the direction and vision of the platform. Holders will also directly benefit from the growth of the platform.
The Official Launch of the | Borrow Against Your NFTs platform:
  • Borrow Against Your NFTs
  • Launch borrowing for ERC-721 NFTs and other Metaverse projects’ tokens using the permissionless peer-to-peer model.

Instant Borrowing Model

Launch borrowing and lending for well-established Solana NFTs using the instant liquidity model.

The Future

The platform will offer a full suite of products that will offer a full arrangement of solutions to progress the integration of DeFi and the Metaverse. Our future products will be catered around our concept of being the Bank of The Metaverse. There are many innovative ideas that we want to build out and we are more than excited to bring these to market in never-before-seen ways!