Welcome to Pixels.so

Learn about the most advanced Borrow Against Your NFTs! platform.
In the physical world when you buy real estate you are able to borrow against that value. In the metaverse, once you buy decentralized assets you have no way of unlocking that value without selling and losing ownership. Users have been spending millions of dollars to purchase these assets and they should have access to their value. Our solution allows people to unlock the value stored in these digital assets.
Pixels.so | Borrow Against Your NFT aims to facilitate the bridge between DeFi and NFTs. To unlock the full potential of digital art, real estate & metaverse assets.
The platform allows users to deposit their NFTs and borrow against them through our Peer-to-Peer Borrowing Model or our Instant Borrowing Model. The platform uses the Pixels.so Token (PIXL) as its utility-governance token and the Pixel Panthers NFT collection as a means for holders to Co-Own a Bank in the Metaverse
In addition to supporting Solana-native projects, the platform also plans to use Wormhole which will allow ERC-721 projects and Metaverse-based virtual properties to be used as eligible collateral for our Peer-to-Peer and Instant Borrowing model.
Pixels.so believes this blended approach between DeFi and NFTs will help unlock the full potential for this ecosystem. Pixels.so changes everything and we want you to be a part of it.